A Song for You

8 Sep

For as long as I can remember, there have been songs praising the ample bottom. From “Da Butt” to “Rumpshaker” to “Back Dat Ass Up,” men have not been shy about their appreciation for a large posterior.

But somewhere along the way, women began to appreciate it as well. There’s been a sea change over the summer. Songs dedicated to well-sized rumps have, for the past couple of months, been sung by women. Jennifer Lopez, queen of big-butt kingdom, released a song with Pitbull called “Booty;” Nicki Minaj set YouTube on fire when she dropped “Anaconda;” and new artist Meghan Trainor is “All About That Bass.” Three women, differing in shape, age and career level, have taken it up themselves to reclaim the big-booty song.

And why shouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t any woman appreciate what she has?

I’m Skinny, Now What? isn’t about changing you. It’s about helping you along on your weight-loss journey. Part of that journey is accepting certain things about you. Either you can accept the things that can’t change, or you can struggle a lifetime trying to fix them.

For me, I’ve always had a large butt. Pre-puberty, I was elbows and knees—just ridiculously skinny—but still had a little something, something. Eventually hormones kicked in, growth spurts happened in weird places and I was graced with the cushion upon which I’m sitting now. The thing is that I’ve never had a problem with it. I’ve always been a little awkward, so there was no added anxiety with my new shape. When it came to weight loss, by boobs and my butt were the two things I didn’t want to lose. Both got smaller, but I haven’t flattened out yet.

I think that’s why I get a boost from the girl power that comes from these women appreciating themselves and telling others to either celebrate their shapes with them or don’t. If I don’t have a problem with certain—um—assets, then no one else should either. I’ve embraced by backside. But that’s me. You may not like what you’re sitting on. Then work to change it.

Like their male brethren, these songs come with a downside. Many people have taken issue with how the songs portray skinny women. Nicki and Meghan, specifically, call less-round women “skinny b—–s.” I can see both sides. There are some women who cannot gain weight no matter how hard they try. Maybe they’re envious of the curves your’re trying to lose. I can appreciate the songs as I feel they are talking about someone my size. But I feel my smaller sisters’ frustration with being blamed for society’s damnation of larger women.

American society as a whole values a smaller size. That’s just facts. The constant barrage of images of the ideal from in the media, and even not-so-subtle hints from family and friends, can be a real drag. Occasionally, we big-booty girls could stand a little pick me up. Having three ladies out there happily singing love songs to a round bum works in that capacity.

Jennifer, Nicki and Meghan are here to remind those of us big-booty girls to drop it like its hot if we feel it. And skinny women, you can do it to. These songs are supposed to be in fun. So let’s not tear each other down; let’s just twerk to “Anaconda.”

Do you have a song that you use as a pick me up? What do you think of women reclaiming big-booty music?

Now What?

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